Belle We loved everything about this place - wonderful staff, amazing breakfast, clean and spacious room
The rooms were clean and spacious and having a garage was a huge plus. The location was the highlight for us being only a few minutes walk to the Campitello ski lift
olegvolkov2014 Great hotel, kindly personnel, tasty breakfast, amazing spa zone included in room price TripAdvisor
Great location for skiing - Col Rodella is 2mins walking from hotel

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Summer at Campitello di Fassa

Seven things to do in seven days

When winter fades away and summer presents itself, the Val di Fassa lights up.

The intense greenery of the wooded areas and the meadows resound with relaxing sounds.

The air becomes light and is filled with pleasant fragrances. Walk around.

Arrange excursions. Speed on a mountain bike.

Join in on activities in the open air


Walking around up near the clouds

Wake up to a beautiful morning! Leave for an unforgettable adventure among the summits.

Breathless scenery and historic peaks await you.

Our walkways will lead you to where you never imagined you could be.

The Sass Pordoi between you and the mountain's ledges. The gravel paths of the Val Lasties.

The Sasso Piatto and the Sasso Lungo where you will encounter commanding heights and enormous wooded areas stocked with larches and stone pine trees.


Bicycling on the mountain tops

Have you ever thought of exploring mountains on a bike?

Whatever is your athletic proficiency, you can chose to cross the Val di Fassa along a bicycle pathway.

Why not rent a mountain bike and venture out on the famous Sellaronda course.

And if you are even more daring, try the Bike Park of Canazei and the downhill.

You will descend from staggering high ground at the speed of light!  


Of course you can fly, too!

After walking around so much and going on mountain bike trips, why not “go for a fly!”

If you are not turned off by heights, you can experience a flight in a two-seater paraglider.  

There is also the Fly Line, a genuine flight plan through the woods, more than a thousand meters of downhill.

There is a sling net attached to the trees during this route from the Rifugio Ciampedie to the Pian Pecei, between Vigo and Pera di Fassa.


Go climbing

The summits of the Dolomiti that face Val di Fassa are truly delightful.

They are especially attractive to those who like to go climbing.

Alpine guides are available to lead you along the most complex routes.

However, if you wish to just learn, you can always practice on the Adel practice walls, located right in Campitello di Fassa only a few hundred meters from the Garni Aritz.


Horseback riding with the family

If you wish to experience Val di Fassa from a different point of view, why not do it on horseback?

The riding schools and the many farms in the area offer you what you need to go riding.

You can arrange horseback riding excursions in the healthy mountain air or have riding lessons.

How about a carriage ride with your family among the outstanding panoramic sights of the area?


Downhill racing on grass

If you don't want to give up skiing in summer, why not try the emotion of skiing on grass?

At Canazei, just a few kilometers from your room, you will find a certified school that can teach you this discipline.

Also, you can rent all you need to go skiing on the grass.

Then you can race downhill, to your heart's content, on the meadows of the Dolomiti!  


Go golfing

Have you often thought of playing golf?

Maybe you had not found the just right professional golf course at a reasonable price.

Try the Val di Fassa Golf Club in Campitello di Fassa, where you can take lessons from a professional by yourself or with your family.

Or, why not just improve your golfing style?

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Romantic summer at Val di Fassa


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