Restaurants in Campitello di Fassa

Aritz Bed & Breakfast has selected for you the best restaurants in Campitello di Fassa, because we love our city and our culinary tradition and we want to transmit this passion to our guests.

We also entered into an agreement with some among of our favorite ones that will guarantee you a discount on the meal! Visit us and you will experience the Val di Fassa with its flavors and smells and you'll want to go home with a pack of bacon dumplings or more pieces in a suitcase.


Pizzeria Ristorante Olimpic

Genuineness and love of Trentino cuisine - 500 m from the Garni Aritz (15% off)

Enjoy the delights of our land: spatzle, canederli, the orzotto, polenta and local cheeses and our own meats such as bacon of the Val di Fassa, all genuine and local.
Alternatively the Olimpic offers a broad menu of pizzas, cooked strictly with wood stove, open for lunch and dinner.
Address: Strada Dolomites, 88, 38031 Campitello di Fassa TN - Phone: 0462 750196

Osteria Bar Heidi

The flavors of the Dolomites in a cozy tavern - 300m from the Garni Aritz (10% discount)

The warm and intimate atmosphere of the Osteria Heidi will wrap and charm you. Steaming and savory dishes of the traditional cuisine of the Val di Fassa, such as canederli and spatzle, and a service that will make you feel the welcome guests of a mountain lodge.
Address: 4, Strada De Pecei, Campitello Di Fassa, TN 38031 Phone: 0462 750127

Ristorante Pizzeria Kamerloy

Tyrolean dishes, grilled meats and pizzas in a rustic mountain guest house - 500m from the Garni Aritz (10% discount)

The Kamerloy Restaurant, with its views over the peaks of Campitello di Fassa, is the perfect choice for those who can not decide. It offers a very wide variety of dishes, from classic to more refined recipes, such as the fondue bourguignonne, to grilled meat and delicious pizzas cooked in a wood oven. Open for lunch and dinner.
Address: Dolomites, 14, Campitello di Fassa TN - Phone: 0462 750322

Restaurant Tobià

Traditional dishes with a chic touch - 350m from the Garni Aritz (10% discount)

The Tobià kitchen is accurate and genuine and offers local specialties, including some fish dishes and an excellent pizza. All the dishes are presented with extreme attention to detail, from the choice of combinations of flavors and colors to the wine list.
Address: Piaz de Ciampedel, 1, 38031 Campitello di Fassa TN - Phone: 0462 750339

Mini Restaurant

A gem of Campitello, traditional dishes and a warm and friendly atmosphere - 600m from the Garni Aritz

The Mini restaurant, as the name implies, is a small pearl of the Dolomites. 7 tables, a service that will make you feel like a home, and a mouth-watering menu at reasonable prices. The dishes are prepared with a special dedication to the tradition while looking for the perfect combinations of local and genuine ingredients.
Address: Streda Morandin, 27, Campitello di Fassa TN - Phone: 0462 750168

Restaurant and Pizzeria La Stalla del Nonno

Trentin cuisine revised with creativity - At 550m from the Garni Aritz

This restaurant in the center of Campitello leaves no one unsatisfied. The kitchen prepares manicured dishes and serves them with taste, always accompanying them with the perfect wine. Do not miss the trio of Canederli and salted meat with rocket and parmesan, the restaurant's specialties.
Address: Piaz Veie, 28, 38031 Campitello di Fassa TN - Phone: 0462 750516

Pizzeria Ristorante Il Bucaneve

A trip to Alba to taste the delicious and refined dishes of the chef - free shuttle service from the Garni Aritz (10% discount)

Dishes that wink to tradition while looking for superfine tastes, it's worth the trip! Wholemeal noodles with cranberry and deer Ragù, cutting boards with abundant meats, cheeses and mustards of all kinds, and a special pizza for those who love it thin and well-seasoned.
Address: Via de Costa, Alba-penia TN - Phone: 339 368 6171