Val di Fassa

The Val di Fassa is one of the most popular mountain destinations in Italy. A rocky paradise located in the northeastern part of Trentino, framed by the Marmolada, Sella, Sassolungo, Catinaccio, Buffaure and the Monzon mountains. A true miracle of dolomite, a show like no other that makes the Val di Fassa in the Dolomites shine like a diamond.

Winter in Val di Fassa

When the snowflakes fall consistent and all the Val di Fassa becomes bright white, begins the liveliest season of the year: wintertime. The Val di Fassa, as the other neighboring valleys, is part of the Dolomiti Superski area, 1200 km of tracks of any difficulties that annually attract thousands of friends and families, skiers and snowboarders.

Skiing in Val di Fassa is a real privilege. This is the best that skiing has to offer worldwide: epic descents, vast tracks such as wide roads in the desert, inner and muscular challenges, and mountains of a stunning wild beauty. Skiing in Val di Fassa is not only a physical exercise, but also and above all, a life lesson and a way of inner being, that only those who love skiing can understand.

Summer in Val di Fassa

When summer arrives, the Val di Fassa becomes the preferred destination for climbers, those fond of trekking and mountain bike, travelers in search of uncorrupted nature, unusual itineraries and great Trentino gastronomy.

The natural landscapes of the Val di Fassa is the perfect backdrop for hiking or walking through lakes, glaciers and lonely Dolomite peaks.

Among the most interesting and peculiar paths of the Val di Fassa you can find the Ferrata of the Trenches, a path that leads to the summit of the mountains through the symbolic places of the First World War. The mountains of Val di Fassa are indeed scattered with testimonies of great historical value, such as the Austro-Hungarian trenches dug in the Marmolada glacier, which were equipped with everything: electricity telegraph and even heating.

Wellness in Val di Fassa

Nature, relax, exercise, good food: the aquatic center Dòlaondes of Canazei encapsulates all the finest Val di Fassa features.

"Follow the Waves" says his name: let yourself go to the motion of water, the large indoor and outdoor pools, where it is nice to dive off even when it's freezing cold outside.

The 2400 square meters of Dolaondes make the Val di Fassa very proud: these include five pools, Eghel Wellness spa, the professional gym, a well-stocked refreshment area. An all-round well-being and relaxation place suitable for adults and children.


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